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I've only been to the top of the Vegas Eiffel Tower. :) I'm impressed with both the skinny dipping and the marathon! I've been transported by ambulance myself (twice) and had to accompany my child (twice).

I've been to Italy, so I saw the Sistine Chapel and Vatican, though I opted to shop in Florence instead of taking the side trip to Pisa. :(

This was a fun list!

Young Wife

You've done quite a few amazing things! I'd love to go to Europe someday.


Stole it!

I've done a good amount of things on here.

You really need to come see Niagara Falls, it's beautiful in the summer.


You've done some cool things! I haven't traveled at ALL so I feel like I'm missing out. My list would be sooo lame! I've been to Niagara Falls though (actually got married there)!
I definitely wouldn't want to kill and prepare an animal for eating (ick), get fired, or bungy jump/sky dive.

Nicole T

I heard you sing plenty of solos of "Devil in Disguise" and isn't creative writing an art?


I really like this idea! I may steal it for my blog. I think i need to live a bit more on the edge though...lol!

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