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Papoe is a new perspective on parenting—one that includes solving the mystery of identity in curly hair (mixed babies), climbing the heights of milestones (preemies), meeting your match before breakfast (marriage), and what to do when you realize you’re out of wine (the cruelty of life). Papoe is the Diane Keaton of blogs. “I guess you can say I’m half saint, half whore.” [from Woody Allen’s Love and Death]

Some things to know about me:

I’m married. He’s black. I’m white. We made adorable mixed babies. We like to call them BIM babies. Black, Irish, and Mexican. The best kind.

My girls are thirteen months apart. This means my husband and I are really really fertile.

My youngest daughter was a preemie. Kind of like the Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies, but she didn’t pop out of a cabbage patch, and I got to name her myself.

I don’t wear my children. Mine came with instructions to dry clean only and I defied orders and put them through the wash. They’ve since shrunk and don’t fit around my mid-section.

I recently turned 35 and I finally know that I will never know exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, but it’ll be put on the backburner during the next Olympics. I like to watch every minute. If you could score the Olympics, like you score baseball, I would get out my pad and pencil and make a go of it. I could win a medal in Olympics scoring.

How it all began...
I started an online journal after my daughter Aja was born as a way to keep family and friends up-to-date on the ups, downs, and emotional back flips we were feeling and experiencing. She arrived three months early and threw our lives into a different dimension. But through three months of struggle we saw our baby girl grow. She came home and I stopped journaling. She was home, and that seemed to be the end of the story. Yet life with two baby girls has its own story to tell, and I longed for an outlet. I started to think that writing a blog could be the answer. One afternoon my daughter Jocelyn starting playing her favorite game, peek-a-boo, which she refers to as papoe, and it all fit together.

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