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I love this! I will soon be starting one myself! Miss you all

Jill Peterson DeForge

Beautifully written Michele, love your writing style! Did you actually write that your 6 month old was over 1 pound at birth?! If so, amazing that she is doing so well!

Sarah Dean

Great writing Shelly! I had a smile on my face the whole time...thoroughly enjoying hearing about your previos family. Miss you tons!!!

Sarah Dean

Precious family!!!! not previos family. That's what happens when I respond from my phone and try to type on small keypad!

Michele Brown

Thanks so much ladies! @Jill, yes, Aja was born at 26 weeks and stayed in the hospital for three months. It was a long road getting her home, but she's doing great. She's growing into a world-class drama queen, just like her big sister :)

Beth Zimmerman

Beautiful story! I think I've seen you around before now but I came here today from Naked Girl in a Dress. Now among your friends and followers! :)

Teresha@ Marlie and Me

I love reading about the story behind a blog and yours is simply marvelous!


Great story, thanks for sharing! Enjoy your SITS Day!

Anna & Selena

Enjoy your SITS day.. your family is gorgeous!


Babies are the best. I used to be afraid of them before I had them, now I know they are da bomb.

Come to think of it, a good steak is da bomb too.

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