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Those lists always leave me with my head shaking. If you need a list to make you feel better about your parenting, go to town with them... but the rest of us know we're good parents without them.
I didn't see the finale, and haven't watched Lost for a few seasons, but I'm all worked up after just hearing bits and pieces. I need to get caught up, but part of me doesn't want to get that invested again... yikes.
And I don't even know what to say about Julia Roberts and carpooling. Because no matter how much these celebrities want to think they're just one of us, just a mom, they're not, you know?


I like Julia Roberts but PUH-LEASE. Why can't celebrities just be real for once?

Deb K

I am visiting and following you from Meetup Mondays!

You can find me here~


Found you on the blogflow. Love your sense of humor! Signed up as a follower.


I like you when you're snarky. :) I'm all about #3 on your list, and totally agree on the Julia Roberts playdates thing.


Sometimes music is the only thing that drowns out the screaming in the car, or maybe an iphone. Following from blog flow - look forward to reading more.

Mungee's Ma

You hold one end of the bow and I'll hold the other, we'll criss cross around their necks and pull tight! I am still reeling about the LOST finale, but I don't want to get caught up in any more discussion board posts about it. I have to move on. Or do I ...?

Thanks for following Mungee and Me through blogflow. I'm following you back!


Oooh I love snarky Michele ;)

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