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C @ Kid Things

It looks absolutely stunning. I'm sure you'll make it there again, eventually.


a honeymoon with morning sickness totally doesn't count. you make good on the second one.


A second honeymoon like that would be incredible! I can't imagine being in paradise and being newly pregnant... not fun in the least.
Looks gorgeous!!

Heather Caliri

Here from Momalom :) I never would have believed how hard it would be to conceive of vacations with young children. There's just no good solution. Forget coming with a manual--babies should come with a little nanny attached. And a blank checkbook to pay for the adjoining room.


Go on the second honeymoon.

Suggestion, bring the MIL or SIL and then go to Disney World.

The place is SO romantic when you are away from the kids.

And then you can play with them also.

My son's father and I spent a good two days in Epcot. The pond ride is beautiful, fireworks... great restaurants.


Interesting question you pose! We are planning on taking a big trip for our 10 year anniversary, and it will be the first time we'll be away, too. It really is a double-edged sword, isn't it.


Perfect definition of lust, I think. Hope you get there someday. Gives the rest of us hope ;-)


Heaven and hell. I love it. You'll get that second honeymoon. And it will be wonderful.

Christine LaRocque

You deserve a do-over. How can something that is supposed to be so wonderful be at the same time so wrong?!

You take that honeymoon, it might be ever better now!


Oh no! No pina coladas on that beautiful beach? You definitely deserve a re-do!

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