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I really like that idea, but would be scared to see what people around here would put in it :)
Personally though, I love to clean out my closet periodically, as well as cabinets, and would love a spot to put it all close by instead of hauling it somewhere!


I'm definitely not a "cover of darkness" kind of recycler. I throw away my garbage and donate the rest to Goodwill. The only things I have that I try to hide out of embarrassment are some old chairs that have rips in the fabric. I'm hanging on to them because I have the hopes of getting them reupholstered... someday.

Heather Caliri

I wish my old neighbor had been a cover-of-darkness recycler. He was a broad-daylight-on-the-street-corner recycler, with stuff he picked up from his contracting jobs. Stuff like an old, cracked fish-tank marked with a spraypainted "Free" sign. Classy. What was rad was that he picked up the stuff from his jobs to then give away. ???

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