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Recently, our house has been plagued with the tantrum. You are right in that they are just moments, but they seem to leave mental scars on parents. As soon as another one starts, I forget how long it had been since the last one and time just seems to run together. My son does some very cute and lovable things, but as soon as he throws a tantrum, I want to scream with him.


Ah, girls and their tantrums. So fun. My 5-year-old has a tantrum almost every morning over clothes. One morning I laid out 3 different outfits (all different colors) that she could choose from. She hated all of them. It makes for such joyful, peaceful mornings. :-D


I find myself wanting to yell for cheese too...nothing wrong with that Jocelyn!

Don't even get me started about the clothes or shoes. I have boys..aren't I supposed to be spared from this drama?!


Hi, followed you over from LBS>

We're dairy free in this house, too. Nice to meet you!

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