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This is too funny, I just came from reading this: http://fortyfivedegrees.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-love-my-kid-i-love-my-life.html another post about the same article. I'm all worked up already ;) I think your points are so true. And love, especially, don't be an asshole. Because it's true. Are we really so selfish that we blame our happiness/unhappiness on our children and we can't take responsibility for anything? Yikes....

And I'd like to think I'm a happy parent :)


Ack! I'm afraid I just might be an asshole! I pulled my daughter's hair in front of, oh, about 10 people as we were trying make our way through a gate to the pool. She was sassy to me and I just lost it.

Maybe I need a date night?

WTH am I Doing

I love the "parenting is hard" part. hehe Most people do act as if this is shocking news. I also like the "don't be an asshole" part. That is actually tough from time to time, but as a rule, I do shoot for nonassholishness.


Oh, that article really got under my skin, too. I just wrote about it this week. I think boiling it down to not being an asshole is perfect. Perfect. We could fix a lot of things that way!


That's so weird - I would think parents would be happier on average than the general populace: feelings of fulfillment and whatnot. And Mommy tries not to be an asshole so that I won't be one!

Stopping by from SITS Saturday!


I LOVE this! What I really wanted to say on my blog was "don't be an asshole," but I wasn't ballsy enough! Thanks for the link & thanks for introducing me to your blog!

Naked Girl in a Dress

I love the list. This should be required reading BEFORE getting pregnant...to make sure you really want to do it.


Well I can be an asshole and when I am, it's usually because my kids deserve it.
They should give out this list to teenagers. It might be good contraception.


I am a happy parent. 100%. Yeah- kids can be a handful. It's work and sometimes? You want a break. But mostly- I love it. I love myself & my husband and our life- which I think also has much to do with my happiness as a parent.

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