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Funky Mama Bird

My sister wore glasses as an infant, the baby glasses are truly adorable.


Nothing wrong with babies in glasses. I was sporting glasses at an early age too! I bet she'll look darling.

Jean Has Been Shopping

She is DARLING! Those frames look very stylish on her. Young diva. :-D


Aww. Very stylish! I'm surprised none of mine require glasses yet. I'm legally blind. Like, without my contacts or glasses, I wouldn't be able to recognize my own children unless they were a foot in front of me.

Lois Houston

We found out when my youngest was five that she needed glasses - when she told me she couldn't see out of her left eye. I so wish that I had found out sooner so we could've been taking care of it earlier! Thank goodness you did! Hoping it gets corrected quickly!

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