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Heather Caliri

For a rental home interior not white walls/ beige carpet, or, to be content with what I have.

That babyhood lasted forever, or, to be able to have babies without losing sleep, or to be content with what I have.

For a haircut both my husband and I liked, for thicker hair or a less oblong face, or to be content with what I have.

Hmmm. Sensing a pattern.


If I could wish for anything it's quiet time to write. I'm only able to write or blog when my babies are sleeeping or napping. But that's what happens when you have kids, you lose personal time, if you're doing it right anyway.

I wouldn't wish for more time away from my kids, I would just wish for more hours in the day. I'd add 8 more if it were up to me, which it's not.



Stopping by from the LBS tea party, happy Saturday!
I always wish the same thing-for my daughter to be happy, healthy and safe.

Alison @ Stretch My Check

Wishing that I had some Tylenol as an immense headache has settled at my temples! I read you letter to your daughters and cracked up. Oh Motherhood, how you give us ups and downs and non stop comedy.

I am visiting from the Lady Blogger's Tea Party. Thanks for having me!


yeah, the idea that people will only like you if you give parts of yourself away to them? Not a great lesson. I agree w/ you on that one!

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