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this was your best yet....


I read EPL before it was published (got a readers' copy from a friend in the biz) so had the opportunity to get the best of it before it became mainstream.

What I loved about it was how thoroughly I could relate to her drama, angst and emotional roller coaster. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think we've all been there at some point and she captured that so well.

Loved the TED piece even more. Looking forward to the movie, but pretty sure it won't match the book. They rarely do!


I've read the book when it was first became such a best seller and of course because it has Bali in it. Well, honestly - I skipped the Praying part and go straight to Bali hahaha. I was turned off by the book because I read that she got the awesome book deal even before she went on those journeys so it kinda leave me with the authenticity taste, I mean yes she did go and did experience these stuffs but with the deal under her belt and the money to live comfortably LOL. Well, that's my 2cents.


honest post.


honest and fun post.


Love it. Maybe the answer to everything is to just blame with little troll (aka:genius) in the corner.

Nike Shox Turmoil

I will share my experience. Two years ago I had to go to the Employee Assistant Program, since I had a really hard situation in my home. They treated me great and offered me a lot of psychological help. Thank you!

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