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Ummmm, I have to agree with you AND your mole. It was most definitely worth re-posting. That was truly funny.

Just stopped by from SITS. Thanks for my midnight laugh.

Oh, and I certainly hope you and your mole are at peace, no "near death" situations to speak of.


Very funny post. Good choice.

JDaniel4's  Mom

Sounds like you have really thought things through. I enjoyed reading. Stopping from SITS!

Lindsay @ Just My Blog

It seriously took me the entire post to realize you were talking about a MOLE....When I first saw "mole," I thought of a tiny woodland creature that burrows under people's lawn and I thought "what kind of metaphor is this?" I'm special.

Anyway, I came over from SITS to check out your post and I must say it's mighty good. My husband isn't allowed to marry a 23 year old Beth-a-ho either.


You're getting that mole looked at by a dermy, right? RIGHT?! Because I'm going to nag you about it every month until you do.

Looking forward to your conversation with your ass.


it's never lupus. and I watch too much House.

I have many moles. and I keep watch on them. get it checked out for your own peace of mind. :)

I think maybe Jocelyn is going to be a choreographer (dictator and dancer in one).


definitely worth reposting:)

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Glad you reposted - this is so funny! I assume you and the mole made nice..


Get the mole checked.


Such an awesome post!! One of my favs. And I also agree that if Kenny marries anyone younger than me, since I Am the 23 yr old, that I will come back from the dead. I told him
That I'm not one of those that will encourage
Him to marry again should something happen to me.

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