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Happy 100th post :)
Greasy food sounds perfect right about now!


Congrats Shel, so happy to still be along for the ride. xo


Happy 100th post! I hope you thoroughly enjoy the celebration =] You have a beautiful family!


Happy 100th! This is a great celebratory post :)


Happy 100th post! Those are lovely little minxes you have there!

A Mother...Again

Congrats on both the anniversary coming up and your 100th post!

I was the same way with my daughter Jenna...she has a book...somewhere...not sure where though. I filled out the first part of it and then life got in the way. I didn't even try to buy one with Jax this time...maybe the blog will chronicle enough.

I like the idea of little notes, though. They could easily be put into an album or book or some type!

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