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I love love LOVE my kids' picture books... I think the problem comes from the fact that a high percentage of homes has never used them as teaching tools (books make lousy chew toys) and unfortunately they don't see the inherent value in a simple picture book. Challenging text is all well and good - but picture books are vital for teaching kids to LOVE reading. We'll never grow out of that need as a society.


that is sad. I was read more "challenging texts" with glorious illustrations. as I was read the classics, I'd get lost in the gorgeous drawings. maybe we're just not producing the classic illustrations anymore. I know it was hard to find my nephew the old illustrated version I had of Hans Christian Anderson Faerie Tales and that's an accepted kids book. Publishers should take note.

A Mother...Again

Amen! I didn't receive a lot of books with my first child and it was something that I regreted. Knowing this, the friend that threw my son's shower this time around made sure to surprise me and include on the invitation that everyone should bring a children's book in leiu of a card. Now he's starting his life with a bookshelf FULL of books and they're all signed with special messages to him! I know this isn't an original idea...but I loved it!

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