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Mad Woman behind the Blog

Last year we tried to dress my daughter in a tutu and she cried. This year she picked out a cat costume, had me paint on a face (for practice of course) went and looked at herself and immediately told me to take it all off.

This is going to be fun!


I came up with a Strawberry Shortcake costume of Miss 8 when she was around 2. It was the jeans and hoodie Strawberry Shortcake with the hat and red yarn hair, freckles, the whole bit! It was darling.

One time Mr 10 wanted to be his dad for Halloween, so I threw on work clothes, and construction hat, drew on a goatee and stuck on a Hello, My Name is Kenny badge. They look identical anyway, so it was perfect.

Halloween is a lot of work for some candy.

A Mother...Again

Halloween IS alot of work! My daughter's always been pretty good about dressing up, as long as SHE gets to pick the costume...I had to quit picking for her at the age of two. If it's her decision, then she goes along with it...but heaven forbid that Mom try to make suggestions!


Love the chef outfit! My girls are a Hollywood movie star (sigh) and a BatCat thingy.

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