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I'm dreading potty training as well. I know a few people who have had luck doing it outside during the day and with pullups at night, but have no previous experience to call on.


You've already gotten the wine thing down so I'm all out of suggestions.

How old is she? That's the next thing on our checklist and I am so not looking forward to it.

Did I mention wine? Oh wait...


so you'll be zipping the diapers shut?


Good luck with the potty training! Every kid is different, but we did potty training boot camp at our house. I picked a day to start, made sure all the clothes were clean, bought extra undies and cleared our schedule for a couple days. When she got up in the morning, I put her in undies and pants and let her play. She would pee in her pants and when she felt them get wet, she'd realize she just peed.

It only took a couple days of this and she was telling me when she had to go instead of peeing her pants. It takes another few days to weeks for them to learn to hold it for a bit. So at this point you might make 20 trips to the potty a day. {Yikes!} We also used a sticker chart for reinforcement.


We are in this stage with the twins right now. Stripping clothes of including dirty diapers, jumping out of cribs, and generally running amuck. But they have figured out zippers. So we use overalls when it comes down to it. Sometimes on backwards if it is really bad.


Our daughter was the hard one to potty train! We started in one state, then had to move across the country trying to keep her from having accidents in the car. Not something I'd suggest. Good luck!


I just started training my son and its been pretty easy. But he has four brothers that has showed him the way. She'll be going by herself before you know it. I like the zipper idea.

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That dress is adorable! Mad, 2.5 is NOT interested. Big tease she is b/c she was ALL OVER it 2 months ago!

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