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Interesting stuff, but I agree with you. I think the boy vs girl stuff is bull! My daughters dote on their daddy and vice versa. He is the King around here.


the DB publishes an article like that every so often. I think it's bunk. there was one once that said what career you choose can predict divorce. apparently dancers and mathmaticians are on the list. soooo if I marry a math teacher, we're both screwed. bunk.

also? many men want daughters. my dad did.


I didn't read the list, I think such things instill fear in the less than confident. However, my husband wanted a girl, got a girl, and is SO much more relaxed with her than he's ever been with a boy younger than high school age. He's had horrible times dealing with his nephew (until he hit high school) and the sons of close friends. He has very high expectations of boys because HE was raised with absurd expectations. In short, I agree with you that your children's gender does not guarantee or destroy your marriage.

And my divorced parents wouldn't have stayed together if I'd been a boy. In fact, my mother insists that I am the one thing other than himself that my father truly loves. Does that mean if I HAD been a boy, then they would have gotten divorced sooner??


I took the "divorce calculator" at the end of the article {we are going on our 11th year of marriage}.

People with similar backgrounds who are already divorced: 27%
People with similar backgrounds who will be divorced over the next five years: 8%
* In general for the five-year divorce prediction rates, those with less than 3 percent are at lower risk, 3 - 7 percent are of average risk and more than 7 percent are at higher risk.


Pamela Fagan Hutchins

After having been divorced once myself from the perfect guy who made me miserable, I don't believe in anything but my heart! (2nd husband is the love of my life) Hey, I'm new to the sits writer moms group, and I am here to comment, subscribe, and offer my support! Nice to meet you. :)

A Mother...Again

Goodness! I have to be honest here and admit that I quit reading that article after #4 on his list...none of them seemed reasonable to me! Too funny...what some people think and will believe!

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