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WELL, since my family is a group of friends, I'd want to do a tour of the world with my closest friends, hitting each of our fave major world cities. I know I know, I should dream bigger. hee.


What a fun and unique "ultimate" vacation. It does sound great, especially the hotel suites, 4 star service and front row parking.

My ultimate vacation would be spent in a cabin in the beautiful mountains with no interuptions and NO worries about money. So we could stay as a family (whole extended family) for a month or more just BEING.


What a great adventure. I wrote about a trip I wanted to take once and included a list of staff I would need to accompany me!


My ultimate family vacation would be one with (1) an unlimited budget (2) in a place where 6 kids ages 3 to 16 can all be entertained and (3) where we had adjoining suites and a full staff to attend to us. Not so hard to find, right???

Naked Girl in a Dress

Oh, please let me be a part of your family if you win. I can be the nanny! I would LOVE this trip.

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