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I think she may be the luckiest little girl in the world. She has an understanding of love that so many other kids will never have. I loved this post!


SO interesting how young they notice things. My son always colors himself brown in self-portraits so he identifies himself as having darker skin (he's 1/4 Asian but looks half).


that's freaking adorable!

my fave story is when I was 3 or 4. I was playing with a little boy who happened to be black. and I guess we stopped playing and compared our arms to each other. I said, "are you black?" and he said, "I guess I am." and we went back to playing.

glad we cleared that up. :)


Sweet story! Love the idea that she's creating her own story (and you're the crazy character she calls Mommy)... Love your writing style, too! Thanks for linking up! - Michelle


*Pins you* :D http://thetameone.blogspot.com/2010/11/underrated-but-also-very-itchy.html

Deb Chitwood

I love the conversations you're having with your daughter already! Starting with such open and honest communication is wonderful!

Teresha@ Marlie and Me

Aw!!! If only we adults saw people the way children do.


I can't recall my kids mistaking anyone else for their dad, but when my granddaughters were really small, they thought every black man they saw was their dad (my son). LOL

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