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Oh you bet I do! Sometimes favorites go back and forth at our house but there is always a favorite parent. As for the kids, I agree. I love my Evi because when she is tired, she goes to bed. She is sweet and passionate and has insight. Ry is creative and emotional. He is careful and thinks - often over thinking. Gav is my free spirited wild man! That boy is lover and a runner. And baby Erin is my silly princess. She wants to snuggle and love and play dress up and knows how to turn on the charm or the temper. Which one is my favorite of the day, depends entirely on my mood <3


my dad was so my fave. I'm a total daddy's girl. luckily for me, I'm a single cat mom, so both furbabies love me. but my ex? my Hobbes loved him more.


My first-born is--and always was--daddy's girl. At first it was hard, but then I learned not to take it personally. A girl who loves her daddy like that is a beautiful thing.

A Mother...Again

Totally agree...and struggling with it right now. My husband so wants special bonding time with our infant son...and he just prefers Mom right now. I tell him to be patient, the tide will turn in his favor soon and he'll rue the day, but right now it just hurts him.

And yeah, Jax does the same thing. Cries and screams for hubby, I come in and scoop him up and he quiets down and then smiles like "told you so!"


I don't believe in favorites. I know at times I liked one parent more than the other. But I never chose a favorite parent. I must say I was always a daddy's girl.

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