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Stopping in to check the lady in the spot light from SITS! Don't mind me, just going to read a bit and enjoy!


Hello! Stopping by from SITS! I enjoyed reading your posts about mixed babies. I'm Caucasian and my husband is mixed (Caucasian and African-American). Looking at our children, one would probably not guess that they are 1/4 black, our son has strawberry blond hair, and our daughter has brown curly hair (definitely from Daddy's side- nobody in my family has hair like that. Lol!) Both have fair skin. So, I'm interested to see what kind of mixed-race issues we may encounter down the road (if any). I read what you wrote about your daughter thinking all daddies were black, and it made me laugh because my (15 month old) daughter's name for her daddy is "ah-dah", but she also identifies her (black) grammy as "ah-dah" as well. :) Anyway, we are blessed to be a part of a multicultural church, so there are plenty of people of all different races that our children interact with on a regular basis. I'm grateful for that! :)

Holly W

stopping by from SITS...going to look around!


Happy SITS day! Off to spend some time reading your posts! Have a great weekend!


Congrats on your SITS spotlight! I just love that dress up pick and your caption for it on the SITS site. What a riot!


Congratulations on being in the spotlight! I really love your blog and am going to check back often.


Congratulations!!! I saw on twitter that you were featured today. I'm so excited for you!!


Happy SITS day! Have a wonderful weekend!

Baby Making Mama

Congratulations on being spotlighted!! Your girls are beautiful! I also am in an interracial marriage, and as silly as it sounds, it's fun seeing more bloggers with that in common! :D

Just Like June

Stopping by from SITS as well. Can I just gush about your cuties?! Man on man, what a pack of dolls!

Lovin' the blog. If you need tips on how to style the little ones when all else fails, let me know. You can check my do out on my blog. That's me in the banner. :-) I take care of my hair with super-cheap products too, if you're interested in knowing my routine. I'm talking .99 cent conditioner! :-) Can't beat it!

Congrats on your spotlight. I'll definitely stick around. So nice to find a new blogger.

Just Like June

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