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dude. in HS, we didn't have lockers. I forget why. something to do with overcrowding. so I had to carry all my books all day. got to be I just left them at home.

then don't get me started on some of the beasts I carried in college. some could serve as weapons. but I kept them, because why would I give those up? well, I sold back the math and business and science books. kept the literature, ALL the literature. hee!


Hi. I'm very excited to win! I emailed you my info. Could you please reply so that I can be sure you received it? Thanks so much!


Oh, the memories. Email was just starting to take off when I was in college, but not everyone had laptops yet. It sort of scares me to think of the technology that will be around when our kids are in high school and college. I'll be one of those old tech-illiterate folks I make fun of now.

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