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My father in law once suggested I let my sons (who were 2 and 3 at the time) play outside unsupervised. "Uh-huh. Sure...whatever you say, crazy old man". LOL.


Ah yes, the good old "go play in the street!" Great suggestion. I think I would pass on that one too :)


My dh's very old fashioned grandparents advised us not to foster children, and if we insisted on doing so, not to foster children not of our race. We were like, "uh huh". We are the proud foster parents of a biracial child that we are on the road to adopting.

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When I was in labor, a shockingly unhelpful doctor (who was wearing regular clothes and whom I later accused of being a random onlooker) told me, mid-push, "relax your face!" Oh, okay, because it's the tension in my face that's the real problem here. Luckily, my little boy was tiny tiny (and early like Aja), so he pretty much slid out a minute later. Otherwise I might have hurled my IV pump at her.


The morning after I brought my first child home from the hospital, my mother told me to stop eating so much because I didn't need as much food as when I was pregnant.

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