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Good luck! Miss M. loved hers. We ended up tying them to a bouquet of helium balloons and sending them up in the sky to babies who need them.


Last night she was less impressed with the tutu and wand and began asking for her papi. Everytime I started to tell her, "No the Papi Princess came--" she'd say, "NO! Wait. The papi is lost and I have to find." I tried to tell her that about the needy babies and she cut me off again. "NO! Wait. I have to find the lost papi."

It took her about an hour and a half to go to bed. But at least she didn't wake up asking for it...


I'm dying to know . . . did it work?


It was a success! I did have to remind her each night (for about three or four nights) that the Papi Princess had come and collected all the papi's, and no she couldn't look for the lost ones because they were not lost (and putting her to bed was a chore those nights because she found a million other reasons for me to tuck her in again. And again). A few times I had to remind her in the morning as well, but it seems to have worked. If she does ask for it now, she laughs when I say no, so she gets it. I keep waiting for a relapse but so far so good... (knock on wood)

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