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JDaniel4's Mom

JDaniel doesn't have a lot of decorations on his white walls. He does have a lot of toys is his room.


We've tried to keep the toys out of the room, but that's mostly because of the odd configuration of the room. They manage to bring a lot of them in and scatter them all over the floor. Maybe in their next room the toyboxes will make their way inside and we'll just close the door when it gets messy :)

Public Cord Blood Banks


I've been a follower for a little while now... first time post though :)

I was wondering if you ever covered the topic of storing cord blood? Banking privately, or donating to a public one? I've used this site to help with my decision: www.publiccordbloodbanks.org , but would really like a more human perspective.

Anyway, just thought I'd float the idea for a post by you.

All the best!

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